Founded by Michelle Kim, assistant concertmaster of the New York Philharmonic, Doublestop Foundation became a registered public charity in 2010 with headquarters in Fort Lee, New Jersey.

Doublestop Foundation provides stringed instruments for deserving musicians who cannot afford to make such an investment on their own. To serve this mission the Foundation created two programs:

  1. Instrument Loan Competition
  2. Main Violin Project

With professional instruments valued at tremendous prices, the Instrument Loan Competition has become a necessity for every musician that desires the special qualities of that which only a fine instrument can provide. The Competition winners receive an instrument loan for three years and support from our network of professional mentors and partner organizations. The most beneficial component to the Competition is that each recipient is granted this coveted experience without the burden of indebtedness.

As arts funding evaporates, The Regrant Project showers down on public schools and organizations with donations of high-quality student stringed instruments. The Regrant Project is at the helm of reviving and establishing new string programs, so that no child is ever denied the basic human right to play music. Please visit The Regrant Project to learn more about this exciting program and to see if your institution qualifies for support.