Doublestop Foundation

Hannah White, violinist


Hannah White began her solo career with the Milwaukee Symphony Orchestra at the age of nine, and has since toured throughout the United States earning raving reviews. She has soloed with Cleveland Symphony Orchestra, New World Symphony Orchestra, South Bend Symphony Orchestra, Ann Arbor Symphony Orchestra, and Madison Symphony Orchestra, among others. Hanna earned first place at dozens of – regional, national and international – solo and chamber competitions. She has appeared in Strad Magazine, Strings Magazine, Al Jazeera, Bein and Fushi Magazine, The Violin Channel, ABC, Chicago’s WFMT, NPR’s “From the Top”, WCLV, WVIZ, Ideastream, MPTV, and numerous newspapers throughout the United States.

Named an Ambassador of Doublestop Foundation in 2018, Hannah performs on a Vincenzo Postiglione violin from Naples, Italy (c.1910), a loan made possible with the generosity of Jina Choi.