Sponsorship FAQs


What types of instruments and bows are accepted into Doublestop’s Fine Instrument Collection?

The label ‘fine’ is be determined by our experts or an agreed upon reputable third-party. Only instruments deemed ‘fine’ will be admitted to the collection.


May I loan or donate an instrument that is damaged or in need of significant repairs?

Loaned instruments admitted to the collection are to be delivered in excellent physical and playing condition, and shall be returned in the same condition. No exceptions.

Donations of damaged instruments may be accepted, but only on a case by case basis.


For Lenders: How long must I loan the instrument to the Foundation?

Doublestop asks that all instruments are loaned for a minimum period of three years. Exceptions can be made, but remember that the greatest benefit to our Ambassadors is playing on the same instrument for three years.


Is it possible for Lenders to reclaim an instrument before the loan period has expired?

Yes. No questions asked. Lenders reserve the right to reclaim the instrument loan at any time. If possible, Doublestop requests that Lenders give a reasonable time period to expedite the returned instrument.


Do I need to keep my personal insurance during the loan period?

Our insurance company, Heritage Music Insurance, has recommended that all instrument owners keep their insurance active during the loan period. Should anything serious happen (lost/stolen/damage/etc) keeping your active insurance will ensure streamlined processing of  any future claims.


Do I need to meet the Ambassador?

Instrument Sponsors are not required to meet the Ambassador, but Doublestop encourages all Sponsors to take an active interest in the Foundation and it’s Ambassadors, particularly those who play on your equipment loan or donation.


May I make an anonymous instrument loan or donation?

Yes. Instrument Sponsors may remain anonymous.


Does the Foundation only accept donations and loans from individuals?

No. Doublestop has teamed up with several instrument shops and encourages all parties who want to be involved to do so.


Can’t find the answer to your question in FAQs? Please contact Matthew by email at mway@doublestopfoundation.org to get informed.