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Some of you may recall a Rachel Krehm video “A Summary of Air Canada’s stellar guidelines on which musical instruments can be carried on board, and which must be checked baggage.” (If you haven’t seen it click the link. It’s outrageous.) Rachel’s video stirred up quite the conversation. What most folks likely didn’t realize is that Air Canada took 100% responsibility for their poorly constructed policies. The airline was responsive and appreciative of the many criticisms and immediately became the first airline to own up to poor oversight (let’s hope not the last). So, after ‘burning the midnight oil’ for only 10 months, Air Canada finally shouts out to musicians “Your World Awaits,” and they really mean it.

As of Friday, September 25, 2015  here are the new policies that everyone is gossiping about:

Purchasing a Seat for your Musical Instrument

If you wish to purchase a seat for your musical instrument, you will receive a 50% discount on any published fare (including the lowest available fare)* to accommodate the instrument in the same cabin you are travelling in.

Exception: If you are seated in Business Class on a flight offering Business Class pods, your musical instrument will, for safety reasons, be placed in Economy Class.

Also for safety reasons, extra seats may be purchased for musical instruments not exceeding 162.5 cm (64 in.) in height/length or 36 kg (80 lb.) in weight. The number of musical instruments that can be accommodated on each flight is limited.

Contact Air Canada Reservations for more information.

*Not applicable to tickets issued or flights operated by our codeshare partners or other airlines, or to Flight Pass or Aeroplan bookings.

For the full policy description please click HERE.

Doublestop Foundation and it’s Ambassadors thank you, Air Canada, for finding room in your heart for all musicians’ most prized possessions.

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