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[New York, New York] – On Friday, August 7, 2015, the Doublestop Foundation accepted a much anticipated donation from luthier Mr. Barrie Kolstein at the Kolstein Music shop in Baldwin, New York. Barrie, president of Kolstein Music, Inc., has been an active philanthropist over recent past years, and most notably donated Scott LaFaro’s Abraham Prescott bass (c. 1825) to the International Society of Double Bassists’ organization in June 2015, a gift housed at Ithaca College in New York.

Barrie’s most recent instrument donation, a “Luigi Chiericato” model bass made in Baldwin, New York, in 2008, is the newest instrument of the Doublestop Foundation’s Fine Instrument Collection. The Chiericato copy is designated for awarding at the 2016 Instrument Loan Competition.

Description of Kolstein’s “Luigi Chiericato” copy

The instrument is a ⅞ size, violin cornered, round back model Bass Violin. The top table is a two piece plate of slac cut fir. The back table is a two piece plate of slab cut English balck poplar. The ribs are of matching poplar to that of the back table. The scroll and neck are both original of slab cut poplar. The gears are individual Mantovani brass tuners. The varnish is antiqued deep brownish amber. The Bass arrived to Doublestop Foundation’s Collection is excellent condition.

It is with deepest gratitude and appreciation that Doublestop Foundation accepts this beautiful double bass donation, identified as a “Luigi Chiericato” copy, from Mr. Barrie Kolstein. Moving forward, this instrument shall be loaned to deserving musicians who cannot otherwise afford to make such an investment. 

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