The Regrant Project


Doublestop Foundation provides stringed instruments for deserving musicians who cannot afford to make such an investment on their own accord. The Regrant Project meets this objective by donating high-quality student stringed instrument outfits to music programs at public schools and community organizations. Thus far, the Project has assisted music programs around New York City, but we aim to expand in the coming months.

The Regrant Project is here to protect the future of string playing and to ensure that no child is ever denied the basic human right to play music.

To qualify, applicants should have the desire to establish a new string program or replenish their unplayable/damaged collection. To apply, institutions must submit the New York/New Jersey Area Common Application Form, and be able to explain how/why their financial resources cannot adequately fund the project.

All donations are buoyed with assistance from Doublestop’s Ambassadors, mentors, and partner organizations who provide support in the form of on-campus performances, development training (i.e. masterclass, sectional, or lesson), and discounted servicing and accessories.

All applicants should be in good standing with the IRS and able to prove non-profit status.

*** No individuals may apply for funding.

Music Directors and Administrators, please contact Matthew at if you have any questions about the application process or wish to submit an application for your institution.


In 2012, the Regrant Project launched with the donation of 13 violins to the Korean American Family Service Center’s Hodori ‘Little Tigers’ Program located in Queens. This gift was made with support from Main Violin Shop in New Jersey, and it enabled the Center to launch a violin studies course for the Hodori Program.

More recently, the Regrant Project presented two string quartets to the Harlem School of the Arts (HSA), and again, the Main Violin Shop was ready with support. The HSA donation also received assistance from our partner D’Adarrio Strings. Prior to Doublestop’s delivery, HSA’s string collection was in disarray and with thousands of dollars in broken unrestorable instruments. This gift rejuvenated HSA’s string department and enabled Maria Ahn, Strings Chair to launch two new strings courses.

“Many young aspiring musicians at Harlem School of the Arts will be so excited to have access to these great instruments. The entire String Department at HSA thanks Doublestop Foundation for their generosity and passionate commitment to arts education.”

MARIA AHN, strings chair, Harlem School of the Arts


Each year the Instrument Loan Competition identifies deserving string players who perform their way to becoming the recipient of a fine stringed instrument loan from Doublestop Foundation. With the ever increasing demand of collectors and musicians, these elegant tools have become too valuable for most to make such an investment. Some of the finest instruments are even considered works of art worthy of display in museums across the world. With these instruments so protected and valuable, how is it possible for most musicians to play them?

Since its launch, the Competition has been a necessary step for all musicians who desire the sophisticated qualities of that which only a fine instrument can provide. Competition winners, named Doublestop Ambassador or Artist (new for 2015), are lent fine instruments as well as access to the Foundation’s network of professional mentors and partners for the duration of three years. Thus far, the Competition has enabled several musicians to elevate their artistry to new plateaus and without the burden of debt. Please visit our Ambassadors to see how these instruments have changed their lives since joining the program.

Ambassador Division Guidelines

DEADLINE:  Monday, June 1, 2015


  • Applicants must be between the ages of 16-27 (Born after July 1, 1988 and before October 1, 1999).
  • Applicants are citizens or permanent legal residents of the United States or legally permitted to work or study in the United States and able to provide documentation.
  • Applicants agree to maintain their resident status in the United States for the term of the loan contract unless Doublestop Foundation, in its sole discretion, waives this requirement in advance.
  • Previous winners of the Ambassador division may not reapply.


  • All applicants shall submit a YouTube video recording that includes three solo works with piano accompaniment (where applicable)
    • Solo works should not be edited, but each solo work may be recorded individually
  • All preliminary video submissions must be privately shared with our YouTube account named ‘Doublestop Foundation’
  • Each solo work should be played in its entirety.

Violin, Viola, Cello

Applicants must submit one of each of the following: solo Bach, a virtuoso piece, and a concerto movement

Double Bass

Applicants may select any three solo works, each from a different time period.

  • FINALISTS will be notified on or before August 1, 2015, regarding their audition status.
    • Advanced applicants will participate in a live Final Round to be held in NYC either September 4-7 or 11-14, 2015. location/date tbd
    • All Finalist are invited to enter the “Audience Choice Award”
    • Participants are asked to re-release a ‘public’ application video submission on YouTube the day of Finalist notification, no earlier.
    • ALL videos shall be released and promoted online using #DF2015AudienceChoice
    • The participant video with the most ‘likes’ (not views) as of 48 hours prior to the live Final Round will receive the “Audience Choice Award” and $500 cash prize.



  • Pay the non-refundable processing fee of $45 USD.
  • Submit a copy of the applicant’s valid USA passport or State Issued Driver’s License/ I.D.
    • Foreign applicants studying in the United States must submit a copy of his/her visa documentation.
  • Include a recent headshot or unobstructed photograph of the applicant’s face.
    • This photo should be suitable for publication purposes.
  • Submit a short biography. (150 words)
  • Upload a one-page resume (PDF)
  • Email two letters of recommendation from current teacher(s) or other professional musicians. The Foundation requests that letters be sent as PDF attachments to the address:
  • Completed questionnaire:
    • Where did you learn about Doublestop Foundation’s Instrument Loan Competition? [150 characters]
    • Please describe any financial hardships that have prevented you from purchasing a fine stringed instrument. [3500 characters]
    • Please tell us what you believe it means to be a musical Ambassador of the 21st Century? How does this relate to you now? How might this impact your future as a musician? [3500 characters]


  • Doublestop Foundation reserves the right to request additional information from any applicant.
  • Preliminary round applications will be reviewed by, and the live audition jury will be composed of, distinguished artists, teachers, and administrators.
  • Decisions made by the jury will be final and binding.
  • Successful candidates are contracted Ambassadors of Doublestop Foundation and the recipient of a three-year loan and $1,000 cash prize.
    • The Ambassador contract may include participation in performances, master classes, or community engagement projects.
    • Professional fees may not always be paid for services, however the Foundation will provide for reasonable travel and accommodation costs when necessary.
  • All loan recipients must sign a contract governing the terms and conditions of the loan, which includes but is not limited to instruction for instrument care/maintenance and details regarding performance engagements.
  • Costs associated with insurance, restoration, and the annual inspection will be the responsibility of Doublestop Foundation. Ambassadors are responsible for all routine and general maintenance expenses, which may include changing strings, rosin, rehairing, re-plane fingerboard, bridge repair, gluing of seams, etc.